Friday, August 14, 2009

Twitter and BlizzCon 2009:

Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the tail end of Season 6! Due to being incredibly busy, I haven't had much time to update or make videos during this season (not to mention my Alienware laptop is out being repaired), but I will be trying to get back into the swing of things next season as far as multimedia is concerned. ;)

For now, you can follow me on Twitter if you are curious:

Dreamspirit(y) on Twitter!

And I will be attending BlizzCon 2009 as well! Hope to see some of you there!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quick Update

Quick Update: I have quite a bit going on out of game at the moment that I have to focus on so I'm a bit behind in responses, but fear not: I'll get to them just as soon as I can. :)

- Dreamspirit

Friday, May 1, 2009

Now with Over 8k Achievement Points!

I broke 8k+ achievement points this morning (8035 atm), and have been running around #2-4th place on US-Tichondrius. The Nerd Points(tm) have consumed me just a bit, I'll admit, but it's a pleasant little distraction in game, to be sure.

Good times!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dreamspirit's New Arena Video (3v3 TR WoW Arena Feral Druid and Others vs. Various: (Video #1))

I've been making WoW/Arena/PvP videos for quite awhile now, and started up on YouTube a little over a year ago when I was crawling around in the 1600s and looking to improve. Since then, I've gotten a lot better and have done videos with tips, play-by-plays, commentary, you name it, and I really, REALLY enjoy the "community" that's sprung up there, and I enjoy helping others (when RL isn't kicking my rear).

Anyway: I've always loved Machinima, and a video or two ago I took a few tentative steps into looking into how to do it. For some reason with this video I just made, the itch to learn hit me harder than ever and I found myself toiling away trying to "animate" via small clips. Somewhere along the way I thought it would be neat if I tried to put some voices to the characters, and therein.... Remedi got dragged into this.

Ideas shared and dialogue and scenes and motivation refined in the early AM hours? I'd have it no other way. :) Even if you guys aren't into Arena, you might want to check out the first minute and a half or so so you can hear Remedi doing an impersonation of a Canadian, female Tauren.

The High Quality will take another hour or two to finish processing, but the low-quality is up on YouTube in the meantime. :) I spent a ton of time audio-editing the beginning (foley too!) so I'm looking forward to when the HQ version is available. Enjoy!

Once it's finished processing, the HQ version should be available here: 3v3 TR WoW Arena Feral Druid and Others vs. Various: (Video #1)


Friday, March 27, 2009

Dream's Art: "Mine"

I've been incredibly, INCREDIBLY busy over the last few months (okay, last few years, but I digress), and I noticed I hadn't done art in a really, really long time. So, rather than QQ about it, I decided to cut into my "productive" morning hours and whip something up as a surprise for my boyfriend (for our anniversary). smile.gif He's the NE Death Knight. ;)

I actually did a couple sketches before I found a layout I enjoyed (go go pre-planning!), and from there I did ink line art over the original sketch.

After that I scanned the line art (since I HAVE been known to entirely screw up the coloring process and enjoy having a backup "just in case"), and then went on to finish the piece in Copic Marker. While I DID use professional quality marker paper, for some reason it scans sort of weird and it killed all the neat little plays of color throughout the piece. Oh well.

It's a little under 8 1/2 by 11.

In any case, enjoy. smile.gif

You can see the Black and White, Color, and Close-Up Here, on LJ.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dream Fails at Updates


RL has been incredibly busy for me lately, so I've been trying to juggle time as best I can, and in doing so, some things keep managing to get pushed back and pushed back and, well, you get the picture. >_>

I'm rather impressively behind in responding to YouTube messages and comments (iep!), and keep finding myself lacking free time enough to work on a new video, but the latter, in particular, is coming soon. Oh yes. :)

As far as in-game "stuff," I got Reins of the Twilight Drake (25 man) a few weeks ago, and shortly thereafter, completed my 10-man achievement Meta to earn the 310% speed Reins of the Plagued Protodrake. I'm hoping I can get the 25-man version before 3.1, but Immortal's been holding us up for months now (the ways we've lost it over and over have grown almost comical).

As far as PvP goes, for about a month now I've been sitting at entirely done with my Meta Achievement to be "Battlemaster Dreamspirit" were it not for 69 more wins I need in Alterac. :-/ I'm hoping once 3.1 goes live and Concerted Efforts Utilizes the AV tokens again that this will be easier to complete (since at the moment, games last 30 minutes to an hour+ and Alliance hardly queues, so we have 8 Alliance vs 40 Horde and, as such, very, very rarely win to the point that it's rather pointless to play).

After killing myself with the WSG rep grind (arg!), I'm sitting at 7010 Achievement points, and will be getting back to those "nerd points" a bit more as free time becomes available.

As far as PvP goes, it's been a bit of hit and miss. My 5s Team peaked at something like #12 on BG9, and #4 on our server before we hit a rough patch where we lost points and suddenly it seemed as if some members of the team were no longer insterested in investing as much of themselves in the team. :-/ I was in a position where I almost felt as if I had to hound people to show up, and even when I did, there studdenly started to be a lot of tension among some team-members, and nasty words that were doing no one any good. I guess people though that since we climbed so high, we'd just keep climbing, but well, that's not often how it goes. When one of our members left the team without notice and then began dodging me on his availability, I knew it was time for a change.

The team went semi-inactive for a few weeks, and now we've just started running with three new members (Balance Druid, Holy Paladin, Survival Hunter, Resto Shaman, and Arcane/Frost Mage). I don't knowhow competitive we are liable to be since we just started running together, but it is an absolute RELIEF to not have the level of stress and infighting the old 5s team seemed to have towards the end there. If anything, I'm thankful for that. The whole POINT of this game is to have fun, after all.

In terms of my other brackets on live (US-Tichondrius), my 3s has gone inactive for the last month and a half or so and I've put up an ad on Arena Junkies seeking a new team. Who knows if I'll get any hits, but it can't hurt to see what's out there.

2s this season has been quite an experience, to say the least. I've played so, so many comps with a mass of individuals..... and FRAPsed barely any of it. >_<>_>). Personality-wise, we're a great fit, and I've been having a ton of fun, so there's a good liklihood you'll see some Mookin+Mage 2s in a video at some point just because, well, it's really "different" and certainly not mainstream in the least.

That aside, I've been running on the Tournament Realm (2) to get the Armored Murloc Pet and perhaps the "Vanquisher" title. The team was more of a "Hey? You're interested too? Let's play!" so it's hardly serious, but it's been a nice experience away from Live-side. For one thing, all of us chose to roll Tauren, and we're running Resto Shaman, Feral Druid (me!), and Survival hunter 3s. At the moment we are in range for the Vanquisher title, but we'll have to see how the brackets shape up as the weeks go on. I think there are only 2-3 weeks left in the initial qualifier.

So, well, that's what's been going on with me. :) I'm still around, just really busy offline and on, it seems.

I hope Season 5 is treating you all well!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flawless Victors in 5v5s

5v5s Progress:

- New Team Peak of 2056 (!)
- Peak of #7 on Tich
- Peak of #17 on BG9 (I'm the #2 Primary Line-up Moonkin in 5s on BG9!)
- Peak of #257 Globally
- Last night we went 15-0 and earned "Hot Hot Hot Streak!" (10 consecutive wins in a row above 2k rating), which gave us shiny new titles. :D I'm so proud of how we've come together!

To celebrate, I called the night early and we headed somewhere more scenic ...

We're on a Boat! (see:

There will be a video to follow in the next week or so. >_>

So incredibly rewarding leading this team. :) People are so great with keeping me updated on their schedules so we can make sure to get in two solid nights' worth per week. ;_; I LOVE YOU GUYS!

BTW: The tournament realms will be coming up in a few weeks and I'll be over there, I suspect. There is an armored murloc pet to be had (!!!) so he must thusly be obtained!

(I'm on a BOAT!)